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Bible Reading: Numbers 7

Numbers 7 immediately feels like the lengthy credits before a theatrical premier. The event is announced: The Dedication of the Tabernacle of the God of Israel

That is followed by the actors in the premier and what they contributed. While there is a bit of redundancy here, it is a necessary checklist of what the head of each tribe contributed. One can almost feel the excitement as the offerings are announced. But before the inventory of the offerings there is something significant that needs be noted. It took six covered wagons to haul the offerings to the Tabernacle. One wagon between two tribes and two oxen for each wagon. These also became part of the offering to the Lord’s work. Here’s where the significance takes place. God instructed Moses to accept the gifts of the wagons and oxen and to give them to the Levites “to do the service of the Tabernacle.” Two wagons with their oxen (4) were given to the family of Gershon. Four wagons with their oxen were given to the Merarites. These two families of Levites were assigned to carry the structure and coverings, the weightier things of the Tabernacle. But the Kohathites got no wagons because it was their responsibility to CARRY the furniture of the Holy of Holies, especially the ark of the covenant and mercy seat. When we get to 2 Samuel 6 we will see how important this was to be obeyed.

Numbers 7:9

The presentation of the wagons and their oxen are followed by the offerings of gold, silver and sacrificial animals. While the itemization of these things is somewhat boring in its repetition, it must have made for a beautiful sight. Silver bowls filled with “fine flour mingled with oil” and golden spoons full of incense as well as the animals must have heightened the excitement at this dedication time. This had to be even more exciting than our Christmas time as it continued for at least 12 days. And the gifts are piled up to the glory of God! Then the chapter ends with the suspense that makes one want to look ahead with excitement and anticipation! Moses goes to talk with his King, the King of Kings, and he hears His voice…

What have you given to make your worship exciting?

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