Daily Bible Study

I wanted to make this a daily blog but my computer programming skills are VERY limited. So instead it will be a daily devotional Bible study. It is my prayer it will be a blessing and help to all who care to read. God bless…

Why would God place a tree in the Garden of Eden that not to be used? There can only be one reason; it was to test His human creation and test it did. Unfortunately man failed the test. I’ve heard many criticize Eve for being deceived into disobedience but actually every one of us would have done the same thing. The tree just proved what we were and are: sinners deserving damnation. If that offends you its because your eyes have not been opened and you are either a blind leader of the blind, or one of the blind followers.

People like to talk about “purposes” today. There’s the “Purpose Driven Church” and the “Purpose Driven Life” etc., etc. The Bible makes it crystal clear that the purpose of man was to please and glorify God (Isa. 43:7; Rev. 4:11). While the woman was created for the same purpose, she had a strong secondary purpose. That strong secondary purpose is to please her husband. I realize that many men make it hard for their wife to fulfill her purpose but she will not feel happy and complete until she does just that.

Isn’t it interesting that after Adam and Eve disobeyed God they hid from Him. He was the only One who could help them in the mess they had made and they hid. Shame is a natural reaction to our failure until we become so hardened that we no longer care what anyone thinks. 1 Timothy 4:2 talks about a conscience that is seared with a hot iron thus losing it’s sensitivity. We are all sinners and we should seek God’s forgiveness immediately while the shame still exists or we too will become hardened, careless¬† and lose sight of our purpose. That’s all for today. May you seek to please God with your life today!!

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January 2018