Daily Bible Study

We start in Genesis 24 this morning. I know we are falling behind but we will catch up shortly.

This is an amazing account of a father’s care and concern for his son and a dedicated servant to help the father do that. It was the custom of that day for the parents to choose a mate for their children. I’m sure not all participated in that custom but those who wanted the best did. Abraham was too old to go find a wife for his son so he sent his trusted servant. He instructed him and supplied him with the necessities to do the job. This is a beautiful picture of God the Father who dispatches His servant, the Holy Spirit, to get a bride for His Son (Jesus).

It also shows how God answers prayer, even in a strange sort of way. When he (the servant) arrived at the place he was instructed to go, he prays for a Devine affirmation. The details of that affirmation are strange, at least for this day and age they are. He prayed that the woman who would give him a drink of water when requested but then water his livestock also would be the way he knew that God had prospered his journey. What a strange request but one that requires a Devine move. There was NO DOUBT that Rebekah was God’s choice for his master’s son and that his master would be pleased!!

Why don’t we pray like that? We either don’t believe God still can do it or we don’t believe He will. Maybe you think He doesn’t care. You probably believe that because you don’t care! Our faith today has become so lethargic, so inconsequential that it lacks any power at all. Jesus asked the question in Luke 18:8 “…when the Son of man comets, shall He find faith on the earth?” That is more an indictment than a question!!

I like the intensity of the servants obedience too. When Rebekah’s mother and brother hesitated to let her go the servant pressed on. He had a mission to accomplish and felt it vital that he do so! Again we see how God is at work in this event. You would think that Rebekah, the one who is leaving home and family would be reluctant to go but God had put it in her heart to submit to Him (God).  When her mother and brother put the decision to stay or go in her control, she was ready. How great it would be if the church felt the urgency of getting on with our mission. More souls would be coming to Christ and the church would be growing the way God intended it to. I have designated this year as “Forming a Great Team in 2018.” We all know, its the great teams that are winners!!!

As the saying goes, all is well that ends well and this one ended amazingly. Rebekah goes back to Canaan with the servant, they see Isaac from a distance and it is love at first sight! Someone has said there is no such thing as love at first sight…here is proof that they’re wrong. How does it happen? God preparing the hearts.

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January 2018