Master Club

For Ages 4-5, Grades 1-6


to evangelize children, to disciple them for spiritual growth
to teach them God’s truth, to train them to serve Jesus Christ,
and through the local church provide multiple opportunities.



  1. To EVANGELIZE CHILDREN by helping church leaders with the ideas, promotional tools, and effective ways of reaching children with the gospel.
  2. To DISCIPLE CHILDREN includes teaching leaders what significant discipleship is, how to implement it in a practical way, and providing them the tools to get it done.
  3. To TEACH CHILDREN God’s Holy Word, carefully, both in lesson, memory, and life style. Projects will motivate children to “live out” the truth that is taught. Leaders must role-model their teaching and preaching.
  4. To TRAIN CHILDREN how to serve the Lord, based upon their characteristics and their capabilities. The goal is to do now what the child is capable of doing, and to instill into them that the opportunities abound to serve the Lord in some ministry role as a lifetime pursuit.
  5. To PROVIDE OPPORTUNITIES in the church for the children to serve the Lord in a meaningful way. To teach and encourage local leaders to train the children to a functional level in some ministry. To provide multiple opportunities which would include all those who are willing to serve, and to provide correspondence contest during the year which also help to develop the potential of a child.

Service Times

Sunday School 9:45 Sunday Morning Service 11:00 Sunday Evening Service 6:00 Wednesday Service 7:00