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Bible Reading: Leviticus 5-7

Chapter 5 starts with the words “and if a soul sin” then qualifies how. Thus we continue with instructions for the offerings. Again the detail of living and how to do it in a way to glorify God is amazing. Understand that for the last 400 years Israel has been unable to serve God as they have been the servants of the Egyptians. As Jesus said, “no man can serve two masters” so it was with Israel; while in Egypt their attention was on doing what they had to do to please the ones they served. Now that their “Master” has changed, so does their service. The objective was to get Egypt out of Israel now that Israel is out of Egypt.


It is my opinion that these are examples of sins for which forgiveness and atonement must be sought. Certainly not every possible sin can be enumerated with specific instructions for each one. The point is that there can be sins of omission as well as sins of commission with both being equally wrong. When we know we have heard or seen something that should be reported and we didn’t, that is sin for which atonement must be sought. Atonement must also be sought for sins that you didn’t even know you have committed. Lets face it we go through the day with a goal in mind and in the course of pursuing that goal we may touch something we didn’t even know we touched, when it comes to our attention we should seek forgiveness. In theses Levitical days forgiveness was had by the offerings. When we get to the book of Job (which actually takes place before the events in Leviticus) we see Job giving offerings on behalf of his children for sins they have committed and not known.


The first part of chapter 6 deals with trespass and restoration. It’s one thing to be forgiven of your trespass but there is still the matter of restoring what you have damaged or taken. In addition to restoring there would be the responsibility to “add a the fifth part more.” The latter part of chapter six deals with instructing the priests in caring for the sacrifice as well as the alter.


Leviticus 7:7

There were some common things with the offerings. None were to possess any leaven. Leaven represented sin all through the Bible. The offerings had to picture the Lord who though tempted in all points as we are was without sin; perfect. This brings up the point in all of the offerings and sacrifices. The point was to show sinful man what was necessary to gain his forgiveness and redemption. All of the offerings and sacrifices were a picture of our GREAT SACRIFICE, the Lord Jesus Christ. In His single offering of Himself on our behalf all of the necessary laws were fulfilled thus buying our redemption from sin’s bondage. What Christ did for you must not be assumed, it must be accepted. One is not saved by simply a knowledge of the truth, it requires an application of the truth by faith. Jesus died to pay your sin debt, He was a combination of all the offerings and sacrifices for you. You must believe and receive Him in order to gain the benefit.


John 1:12


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