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Bible Reading: Exodus 38-40

We look at the furniture of the Tabernacle this morning and the first piece as you enter the Tabernacle was the Brazen Alter. The wood that it is made of is the same as most of the other furniture but the metal was different. The alter was covered with Brass instead of gold. Brass was a harder product and could better stand the heat of the alter. Brass also has the idea of judgment as when the heavens are brass when our prayers won’t get answered. This would be an appropriate idea when the sacrifices are considered since it signifies our sin being dealt with.

The Laver was the next piece of furniture and it too was used for cleansing as was the Alter. It too was made of brass. The Bible even identifies the specific brass that was used. That which made up the “looking glasses” of the women that gathered at the Tabernacle door. The “looking glasses” refers to what the women used as mirrors since they didn’t have the glass kind of today. There is no indication it was their only “mirror” but if it was that would demonstrate a  willingness to give up their own personal glory in order that God may be glorified.

Several verses are used to describe the Court that was fenced (hangings) with solid cloth (fine twined linen). This gave privacy to the Tabernacle.

Exodus 31:21

Often when we read the Bible we forget that they didn’t mindlessly follow some directive of the Lord but they consciously did what they knew the Lord wanted as we would and do today. There was a stewardship in the making of the Tabernacle and it’s furniture. This was the accounting of the cost of it’s building. The amount of gold, silver and brass was counted. Accountability is stressed in the Bible. A man or ministry that thinks they can operate without accountability is setting themselves up for temptation and their ministry for tragedy.

Exodus 39:2

Chapter 39 records a recap and inspection. They made thread out of plates of gold. This must have made for some very beautiful clothes. Seven times in the report of the making of these garments is found the phrase “as the Lord commanded Moses.”  Everything was to be done according to God’s command. That is still true in the service of the Lord today. If it’s not done as the Lord commands, it’s best not done at all!

Exodus 40:17

The day came when everything was done and it was time to set-up the Tabernacle. This had to be an exciting time for Israel. The Tabernacle represented the presence of God, the One who delivered them from the bondage in Egypt. This would be similar to the realization that you get when you finally accept the Lord as your personal Savior!

Exodus 40:34

This is the stamp of approval on the work that was done, the Lord inhabits the “house” that was built for Him. THE QUESTION: The New Testament says that our body is the Temple of God today. Is the Lord inhabiting His home in YOU?

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