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Bible Reading: Exodus 35-37

First, my apologies for yesterday’s links. I am still trying to get this to work well so that my friends can read the Scripture passage first, then my comments on it. This computer stuff is a constant learning experience. I try to spend less time on it and more time in the Word!

In todays reading we see that God told Moses to tell the people to give as God puts it on their hearts for His Tabernacle which becomes the center of their journey to the promised land. The Tabernacle became the place where God met with them in their journey. God had given detailed instructions to Moses on building it. So Moses appeals to God’s people to give and give they did. Giving is a recognition that you have been given to. Obviously one can’t give if they have nothing to give. All that these people had was what God had enabled them to have. If you recall God had told them to “borrow” from their neighbor as they left Egypt. Now why would the Egyptian people give in abundance to a people that they despised and enslaved? These are the kinds of things that we don’t understand but we take by faith. God moved upon the Egyptians to give to Israel as He was effecting their release, and God moved upon the Israelites to give for the Tabernacle as they journeyed in the wilderness. As we said yesterday, God also gifted certain individuals to do the specialized work of the tabernacle; Craftsman of high quality.

Exodus 36:5

This is a grateful people, willing to give as God had given to them; generously! In your lifetime, how many preachers have you heard tell the people to STOP giving or RESTRAINED people from giving? I have NEVER heard one say STOP. That tells me two things. 1. The “religious leaders” today have NO specific goal in mind so they are NEVER satisfied. 2. God’s people today are not willing to give so generously that they have to be asked to stop. I would like to put in a kudo right here to the members of Smyrna Baptist Church. Of all the churches I have ever been among (I have been among a good number of them at one time or another) they are the MOST giving! Not just monetarily, these people give of their time and talents to the glory of God: God bless them!

Exodus 37:6

Though they had been slave people and though they were travelling through the desert, God deserved FIRST CLASS an they obeyed. Certainly God wants His people to be good stewards of His blessings but there are NO HOLDBACKS when it comes to God’s glory. “Just getting by” should not be the mantra of doing for our gracious and merciful God. HE DESERVES THE BEST AND HE SHOULD GET IT!!! All to often we seem to think we can give to God what we no longer need or want. We want the newest and the best for us but whatever we can find for God’s house. I think there is shame in that thinking. Oh that God would help us be right in this thing of giving and doing for His glory!


As we close this morning I want to thank those of you who send in your comments, they are awesome. It appears to me that I have provoked some to read and remark about Gods Word in a deeper way than even I can. I like that and God is please as well when we spend time with HIM! God bless.

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