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As we pick up the where we left off, Jacob has obtained the benefit of Isaac’s blessing and has infuriated Esau to the point of revenge. Rebekah presses Jacob to leave and stay with her brother in Haran. She uses the necessity of finding a right wife to get Isaac to agree to sending Jacob off. Meanwhile Esau marries a daughter of Ishmael out of spite to his parents. Chapter 28 records the dream that Jacob had on the way to Haran. Actually the dream could have been in reality a vision. God used this vision/dream to pass on the covenant that He had given to Abraham and Isaac. I say it could have been a vision on the basis of Jacob’s reaction to it. It was so real that it caused him to fear and consider that place HOLY, calling it Beth-el (the house of God). Bethel becomes a very special place from this point on. What Jacob saw was a stairway to Heaven with angels ascending and descending and the LORD standing above it. What an awesome sight that must have been. God promises to give him the covenant of his father. The next morning he wakes, builds an alter and worships God.

As he nears his destination in Haran, he comes to a well, as the local shepherds come to water their sheep. As he is speaking with them about Laban, Rachel, Laban’s daughter arrives with Laban’s sheep. Once again it was love at first sight. It seems to me that the Lord must be in this thing. I believe that God has the right mate for every person. The problem comes when we run ahead of God and try to work it out ourselves. All too often our flesh gets in the way big-time!

Now this is where the payback comes for Jacob. God has said, “whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” (Gal. 6:7) That is a principle of God just as sure as gravity! That principle holds true for the lost as well as the Christian. Laban welcomes Jacob and offers him a job. When asked what he expected for payment Jacob asks for the hand of his youngest daughter Rachel. Even though Laban agrees he doesn’t mean it, not yet anyway. Jacob agrees to work for Laban 7 years in exchange for His daughters hand in marriage. The night of the wedding ( 7 years later) while Jacob is distracted Laban slips Leah, Rachel’s older sister in her place. By the time Jacob realizes it he has consummated the marriage. Jacob gets a taste of his own poison – deceit! This just goes to show that man hasn’t changed a bit. It’s not his environment, it’s his nature. The world isn’t getting worse, it’s as wicked as it has always been. The only difference is there was no television news to broadcast the garbage all over the world back then as they do today. The news stations are just as wicked as the garbage they broadcast. We are led to believe that we are ignorant and out of touch if we don’t stay up with the news. I think its the other way around, you are ignorant and out of touch with God if you watch it. I quit watching professional football last year, I’m going to quit watching news this year! I’m replacing both with the good news! What’s good about this you ask? I’m glad you asked…

The good aspect of this account is that those 7 years passed fast for Jacob because of his love for Rachel. So what does he do? He works another 7 years to get the one he loves. When our perspective is right, our attitude will be also. A side note: God never intended man to have multiple wives. In the beginning (Gen. 2:24) God said A MAN (one) shall cleave unto his WIFE (one) and they shall be one flesh. Jesus clarified it in Matthew 19:5 by adding the word “twain” (two) for anyone who might argue.

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