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Daily Bible Study

Heeding God’s direction to leave his homeland Abram, his wife, father and nephew have a short stay in Haran where Abram’s father dies. He then heads to Canaan being guided by God where the promise is repeated to him by the Lord; the land would be given to him and his seed and that in him “shall all the families of the earth be blessed.” How are you and I blessed by Abram? He (Abram) was the beginning of God’s redemptive plan. It was through the family of Abram that Jesus came. While mankind begins with Adam, the line to Christ comes through Abram.

Before long Abram begins to grow in blessing as God promised. There’s an underlying principle in Genesis 13 that few people see when reading. Lot, Abram’s nephew, was blessed so long as he was in close proximity to and in cooperation with Abram. They both grew in blessing until there was need to separate. The principle is that even if those who don’t believe will live at peace with those who do they will incur the blessings of the believers. America has flourished because of its respect for the people of God and their churches. But as the unbelievers become jealous and impatient of God’s people, God’s blessing will not only cease but the fortunes will reverse. We see this already beginning in this country. Genesis says that Lot chose to set-up in Sodom where the men “were wicked and sinners before the LORD EXCEEDINGLY.”

Everyone who has ever studied the Bible knows what the sin of Sodom was. It was a city of homosexuals. From this point on in the Bible homosexuals are called Sodomites. We see how God deals with this wickedness by the time we get through chapter 19. Sodom and it’s sister city Gomorrah were destroyed by God with a super-natural hail of fire and brimstone. Every culture that has ever allowed Sodomites to flourish had been destroyed. God’s judgment on America is stayed for the moment but how long it will last is anybody’s guess. I think it’s safe to say by historical proof that we are standing on the edge of destruction and the edge is beginning to give way. If revival doesn’t come soon, destruction will! God help us!!

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