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Daily Bible Study

Bible Reading: Genesis 1-4

This is the beginning of a daily Bible study. I will welcome responses and opinions but emphasize that I in no way accept nor endorse the opinions stated that are not mine. So let the study begin!

God created everything “in the beginning.” It is my understanding from Genesis 1 that there was only 1 beginning. There is nothing to lead me to believe there was another. Also, if you believe that everything was created in six 24 hour days as I do because the Bible says so, then there can only be one beginning. If however you think there was a previous beginning then you would have to agree with the evolutionists that the earth could be millions, even billions of years old. I don’t believe that.

God is the light from the beginning (I John 1:5). We realize that the moon reflects the sun’s light. Could it be that the sun is a reflection of the true Light that “lighteth the world?”

We are created in God’s image just as our children are created in ours. Why is it we have such a hard time with the rebellion of our children when we are so “good” at rebelling on God? Aren’t our children just following our example when they rebel. Our “training” goes beyond what we teach, it reflect what we live. Actually, our rebellion is far worse that that of our children. Our rebellion brought death (Genesis 2:16-17). Obviously that “death” didn’t mean immediate physical death because they didn’t die immediately. It meant far more than that. It meant Spiritual death, ie. separation from God in the only other place to go for eternity…hell!

Enough for today, more tomorrow should the Lord tarry!

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